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Q&A with CEO & Co-founder Trent Scanlen: Discover the passion behind the product

Find out more about our health-loving Aussie businessman.

Why did you start a supplements company?

I have always taken supplements to help me naturally improve my health. So as a customer, I always thought I could do better - now I’m determined to prove myself right :)

We have built a custom lab in Twickenham, have an impressive scientific and medical team, and are continually innovating plant science, just as the world is realising there are multiple natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Why can’t a balanced diet solve all of our nutritional needs?

Like most people, my diet fluctuates but the needs of my body remain the same. Some days my diet discipline fails and I eat bad foods with my kids, I don’t worry too much as I know my main supplements are in my bloodstream - I have dysregulated inflammation due to my sport and previous damage to my body from cancer treatment - so this is the most critical issue I look to supplements to solve.

You have come through cancer yourself which must have been extremely difficult for you and your family. Did your priorities shift after this?

Everyone that survives cancer is given a gift, I cherish it. It made me prioritise my life, surround myself with things I was passionate about and stop sweating the small stuff (as often!)

Why is curcumin such an important supplement?

I have used and studied most supplements, but have never found a better compound than curcumin - both as a user, and from a business perspective. I think the bio-physical challenge of the compound has held it back on the world stage, and people have had to take lots of it to really feel the benefits. After 4 years of expensive R&D, we believe we are the world leaders in creating an all-natural, delicious drink that helps manage inflammation - the root cause of multiple health issues.

What is your favorite sport?

I grew up in Australia surfing, so that holds a dear place in my heart - but my passion is now martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - I love training, competing, and coaching athletes and children. 

What are your personal health goals?

I want to be an active dad for my sons and keep training and competing in martial arts as long as possible. I train in a very physical sport where injuries and tissue damage are common, so I need effective pain and inflammation help - so Kurk is a personal project as well as a professional one.

What is the best customer conversation you have had?

There have been so many over the years, but a favourite of mine is still when I first met Dr. Alexia. She was a customer for a year with our curcumin and when I discussed the science with her we had an instant connection and she is now on our scientific advisory board.

Why did you decide to crowdfund?

I have always wanted to give our customers a chance to be a part of our company. They help us improve as a company, and grow as a brand, and this is an excellent way to reward them for their help. We have had over 100 of our customers invest in Kurk - double my expectation and further proof that we are making a real impact on people's lives, naturally!

What does the future hold for Kurk?

We are focused on helping more people around the world manage inflammation naturally.

We are in discussions with some impressive people about how we can continue to make an impact on natural human health.

Next up is a retail presence, followed by strong exporting and new markets.

We love to hear from our customers on ways to improve and some of our best ideas have come from them, so keep the feedback coming!

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