The Science

What is curcumin?

The hero in Kurk is curcumin, a compound that makes up only around 3% of the turmeric root. This potent and biologically-active compound offers extensive health benefits.

Historically, the body's absorption of curcumin has been limited, which has reduced its full potential. But with Kurk, that’s no longer the case - with increased absorption, we've unlocked the full power of curcumin.

  • Curcumin is a crystal

    Noted for its vibrant yellow-orange colour, the curcumin crystal is a moderately hard structure, and is insoluble in water - making absorption very difficult.

  • We have made curcumin micelles

    Kurk uses plant-based ingredients to create micelles to surround the hard crystal which allows it to effortlessly mix with water - and be absorbed) into the cell wall. These tiny structures carry curcumin into your bloodstream effectively.

What happens: Capsules vs Kurk

Endorsed by experts
  • “Kurk is part of our rehab journey when we are looking for an anti-inflammatory for post-op treatment. It is the best natural anti-inflammatory that is safe for long-term use, and tastes great.”

    Freddie Murray

    Physiotherapist & Founder of Remedy Clinics

  • "Since I began using Kurk nearly a year ago, I have observed a discernible improvement in my health. I have consistently undergone blood tests and have observed a general improvement in all health indicators. Significantly beneficial in the realm of pain management. "Strongly recommended".

    Malminder Gill MNCIP

    Integrative Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert

  • “I love Kurk …. I’m still going strong at work when I’m nearly 80 years old …. Enjoying life to the full”

    Dame Mary Perkins

    Optometrist & Founder of Specsavers.

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Scientific studies

With over 20,000 peer-reviewed articles on PubMed, the scientific community is excited about the positive effects of curcumin on human health. As research progresses, the likelihood of uncovering further health benefits of curcumin is high.

Meet the experts

Now joined by an unparalleled team of doctors, fitness experts, wellness professionals, and food scientists, the founders of Kurk are using science to unlock nature’s power and optimise your health.

Dr. Harrison Weisinger
Scientific director
Hannah Ratcliffe
Food Scientist and Production Manager
Dr. Alexia Johnson
Pharmacist and Research Director

Scientifically certified

Independently lab tested

Every Kurk production undergoes meticulous testing by an external laboratory, meeting stringent safety standards before integration into the supply chain.

Cleanly extracted curcumin

Curcumin sourced for Kurk has been extracted from Turmeric root by a method called supercritical CO2 extraction. There is no ethanol used in this process.

ISO certified laboratory

Kurk's production facility has been independently assessed and accredited by Qualitas Veritas to the following Food Safety Management Systems, Standards and Guidelines: BS EN ISO 22000:2018

Informed Sport accreditation

Every batch of this product is tested for banned substances under the Informed Sport programme. Products undergo rigorous testing using ISO 17025 accredited methods to provide the highest level of assurance for athletes. For further information about the testing process, please visit View certificate.

Tested for heavy metals

Kurk is routinely tested for the presence of toxic heavy metals. An independent external lab tests for the presence of Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic.

Clean extraction, No solvents.

100% all-natural plant ingredients.

Vegan, paleo and ketogenic friendly.

No GMO’s.

60-day moneyback guarantee

Recover and move better, naturally