6 Tips To Keep You Active Through Autumn & Winter

6 Tips To Keep You Active Through Autumn & Winter

We get it; exercising when living in a cooler climate can be uninspiring. But healthy living isn’t just for those summer months. Movement is imperative—it reduces the risk of major illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. We all know that keeping active is crucial to longevity and feeling and looking great on a daily basis. We don’t just reach a fitness goal and stop altogether. Exercise needs to be maintained to get the benefits; so, it is time to set a new goal!

We have formulated some easy tips to help you stay consistent over the next few months.

#1 Make it your morning priority.

 Find a gym near your office or work and get your workout completed nice and early. You’ll feel accomplished before the day has even begun. Furthermore; when it’s already dark so early in the afternoon and the clock finally ticks to home time, you can head straight there.

Top tip- pack your bag the night before and lay your gym clothes out ready for the morning.

#2 Find a community vibe.

Here at Kurk, we are firm believers in finding a class, gym, or sport you LOVE. You will want to go there once you feel like you’re part of a team. The social aspect will make you enjoy the exercise more and ensure it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Our faves- martial arts, strength, dance, and yoga classes.

#3 Ask a friend to come with you. 

Having a gym buddy keeps you motivated as you can keep each other accountable. Instead of heading to the pub after work or during your lunch break for drinks, switch it up a few days of the week and encourage a friend to come along to a class with you!

Top tip- Having a friend join you will help you feel less nervous about trying a new class or gym, and as a bonus, it’ll be more fun!

#4 Do a home workout.

There are so many apps and programs on the market that have been created by industry professionals. There are also many free workouts on YouTube and Instagram. Some are body weight, and some will require some light equipment, which will more than likely work out cheaper than a gym membership. Start small and build up the duration of your home workouts. 

#5 Utilise those extra calories.

Indulging is inevitable in the lead up to Christmas. Despite the stigma attached, calories equal energy. We are realistically eating much more food around this time of year. That is due to a combination of the extra social events in this period and the craving for warm, comforting foods in the cold weather. So, think of it as fuel and put it to good use during your workouts!

#6  Don’t feel guilty!

If you didn’t make it to the gym on the day you had planned to, don’t throw in the towel. Remember that this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. If you want the benefits, set realistic goals. We suggest you aim for 3–4 sessions a week.

Final thoughts-  

Keep active as much as you can in everyday life! Cleaning the house, walking the dog, taking the stairs. IT ALL counts.