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Our expert-distilled liquid cucumin supplement helps reduce inflammation post-workout, leading to improved muscle growth, fat loss and body composition, as well as energy and recovery between training sessions.

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Optimised workouts.
Enhanced recovery.

Our potent curcumin concentrate is formulated to help with unwanted symptoms caused by inflammation, such as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Kurk is the gold standard of supplements—carefully designed to optimise your health and enhance your performance.

  • Muscle Recovery:

    Inflammation can cause debilitating pain, slow your recovery process, and even hinder the progress you've made with your training.

  • Chronic Inflammation

    Intense exercise can lead to higher levels of inflammation, increasing the risk of injury and chronic inflammation.

The Ultimate Supplement For Optimised Fitness

  • single kurk bottle

    One time trial - £45

    30 day supply £1.50 per day

    Best for those looking for short-term benefits:

    Control blood sugar levels

    Reduce toxins

    Boost energy levels

    Reduce DOMS

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  • 3 Month plan - 50% Off

    Limited time only £15 per month - £45 for 3 months subscription. ONLY£0.50 per day

    Best for those who are new to curcumin looking for long-term benefits:

    Aid digestion

    Improve energy levels

    Reduce inflammation

    Quicken muscle recovery

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  • 6 month plan - 50% Off

    Limited time only £12.50 per month - £75 for 6 months subscription. ONLY£0.41 per day

    Start your journey to the long term benefits of curcumin:

    Relieve inflammatory pain

    Bolster the immune system

    Support mobility & flexibility

    Support optimal sleep

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Quicker muscle recovery, maximised performance.

Kurk helps reduce post-workout inflammation, minimizing pain, speeding up muscle recovery and enhancing your long-term training progress.

More movement, fewer aches and pains.

Kurk supports joints and muscles, reducing swelling and stiffness—perfect post-workout, to increase everyday mobility, or to counter more chronic conditions.

More energy, better sleep.

Kurk fine-tunes your metabolism for more energy during your daily workout and increases your chances of a deeper, more satisfying sleep at night. 

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  • Expert

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Curcumin is the precious compound that gives turmeric its health-boosting qualities. But it is notoriously known for its poor absorption power.

Kurk harnessed that power into a unique curcumin supplement, distilled by experts and broken into the form most easily absorbed by your body—liquid. Premium taste. Extraordinary benefits. 

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The Studies

Studies have examined the effects of single-dose curcumin supplementation before or after exercise on DOMS.Amalraj et al.[24] reported that single-dose supplementation with 500 mg of curcumin 1 h before exercise significantly reduced DOMS after downhill running.

Researchers in the field of exercise physiology have investigated the effect of curcumin on post-exercise DOMS, with a few studies reporting that curcumin supplementation can effectively attenuate DOMS after high-intensity eccentric exercise