Beat the bloat this christmas

Beat the bloat this christmas

An abundance of food, drinking and lazing by the fire are just some of the indulgent activities that makes Christmas so joyous.

What's not so joyous are the side effects that come along for the ride. Gas, bloating, indigestion and heartburn are common.

Luckily you have a secret weapon against such ailments, Kurk! Just add a few drops daily and you might just experience your first bloat-free Christmas.


Curcumin relieves the underlying issues of acid and bile overproduction, thereby promoting benefits to the body instead of painful conditions and helping to produce good bacteria, minimize bad bacteria, and improve the colon’s ability to absorb beneficial nutrients.


Its vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants will help bile flow, muscle movement, and nutrient absorption to keep things moving like they should, in turn, reducing gas, bloating and combating indigestion.

Curcumin is often used to optimize 'sluggish' digestion by promoting blood flow and supporting the lining of the gut.


Feeling a little queasy from the night before?

KURK can help fight the inflammation, bacteria, and viruses behind your queasiness. 

We recommend adding a few drops of Kurk vanilla to your morning brew.

Whatever your plans this Christmas we hope you have a wonderful time.

Lets make the new year our best one yet!